finleap fintech summit 2019


An event for companies, founders and investors. You can expect impulses from business and politics, workshops on the latest relevant technologies, start-up pitches and networking.

Date: 18th/19th September 2019, 11am - 10 pm


18th September - St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Invalidenstraße 4a, 10115 Berlin
19th September - FinTech Hub H:32, Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin

Please note that this is an invite only event.

Preliminary agenda:

September, 18th 2019

Morning / Midday

  • Political opening speech on Europe's competitiveness in the financial sector


  • Workshops on the latest developments in relevant technologies


  • Economic panel discussion on Europe's role in the global digitisation of finance

September, 19th 2019

Full day

  • Networking and Investor Relations/Pitches
  • Individual Meetups between Invited Investors and Startups